levie club: Children at holidays after the separation of parents

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Children at holidays after the separation of parents

holidays is one of the seasons most intense and emotional for children. In households that have experienced a recent separation , we must be careful so that these feelings do not become negative .

All kids love holidays, yet when the family lived apart , holidays becomes a time of year rather delicate . For parents are pretty tough few dates .

Children and Divorce holidays

Depending on the age of the child, the period of divorce can affect in different ways. All these symptoms are accentuated in holiday periods :

    Children up to 3 years tend to be more irritable, and in some cases overcome behaviors such as repeated wetting himself .
    Children 3-5 years many have anxiety, do not want to go to school or even prefer sleepovers .
    Children from 5 years : they may believe they have to choose between their parents , or because of the situation.
    Older children: not uncommon for parents reproach the situation.

At a time like holidays that children have always lived together as one family , parents must organize and bargain peacefully periods for all this does not get worse .

Parents Children and holidays

In this first year of separation , the child needs holidays and holiday more than ever. Parents should strive to follow at this time with the child celebrating holidays : decorating , go to holidays markets , continue family dinners.

Parents should avoid being low morale , and not to do " gift war " between parents , to prevent parent relationship with the child becoming more materialistic .

If parents have joint custody, according to law, holidays is divided into two periods , alternating from one year to another :

    holidays Eve and holidays .
    New Year and kings .

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