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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Countrymen and tourists benefit most from the closing of booths

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - At this time of year the peasants who traditionally come to Tamaulipas as well as tourists who are passing , are the big winners with the closing of the booths , which were converted into nests of corruption is therefore common knowledge that there were engaged in robbing those who passed by them , said Deputy Ramiro Ramos Salinas , President of the Coordinating Board of the State Congress Politics:

"The characteristic of the booths was always a huge corruption in previous years who does not remember the countrymen who visit us each December and came with your money ready for shipment ."

The existence of the booths I always never justified because taxes are paid on the international bridge :

" And yet come to be accountable for bicycles , washing machines , televisions many countrymen will bring to his people, was irrational, so this decision now as the federal government is to be welcomed because it will benefit all the peasants our visitors . "

Make that especially at this time of year when the nationals come or pass through the state :

"It was not just what I did there because it was against our countrymen ."

It is noteworthy that the booths that were closed as part of the 12 that stopped working on the northern border , are in the Tamaulipas case of Miguel Alemán and Mier .

Almost 2000 Tamaulipas have AIDS

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . 970 Mil Tamaulipas have acquired the virus Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome , AIDS, of these, at least 500 are women.

Cortés Alejandro Calderón , state program coordinator , said that of 970 thousand patients in the Ministry of Health in Tamaulipas has 570 thousand medical control
" The patients we have accumulated in control right now by Health haciende to 970 thousand people about a thousand of these 570 are those on ART and about 300 are in control , not treatment."

Cortés Calderón explained that in the case of the latter are not given any treatment because they are called positive zero, that is, have the virus but have no symptoms of the disease so they are only monitored.

He further commented that most of the carriers and carriers of HIV - AIDS , will have between 25 and 44 years, which he attributed to the little or no importances they have to lead a sexual life responsibly.

An official of the Ministry of Health considered that this is the reason why most of those infected are men because, he said , in the case of these women usually are more careful and have multiple partners as is the case some men .

It should be mentioned that today, the first of December , World AIDS Day is commemorated , according to UNAIDS figures from the beginning of the pandemic have died 38 million people but , according to the agency since 2001 fell infections 33 percent .

150 adolescents with the syndrome detected

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - Today is World Day against AIDS , which serves as a reference date to highlight that adolescents do not escape the consequences of the lack of sex education , the proof is commemorated are the official figures said of the more than 900 thousand patients who are seen evil, 150 were minors .

Against this background Gabriela Solís Segovia Center Coordinator Student Integral Development ( CDIES ) at CTU points out the need to promote a real education among young people and they are paying the cost of health misinformation , besides the sexual debauchery prevails a general level :

" We are living in a different era where the statistics highlight the very early onset of sexual activity , what they do without knowledge, it is a fact that there are teenagers who do not know how to use a condom so there are not only early pregnancy but sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS . "

Okay to refer the figures disseminated on this day which point out that 36 million people have died of AIDS. This virus is one of the most serious problems of the world . So every December 1st World Day of AIDS is held.

Each year about creating awareness of this global epidemic prevention and control of AIDS.

Furthermore, the World Day of AIDS for all those who have died due to this disease are remembered.

The theme for World Day of AIDS 2013 is " Together we can achieve zero HIV infections. Take the Test . "

As part of the celebration of World Day Against Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS ), Alejandro Cardenas Anzures, specialist subject

explained that HIV can be transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person, transfusion of contaminated blood or sharing needles , syringes or other sharp instruments use.

He also said that it can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy , childbirth and breastfeeding.

The way to prevent it is the barrier method that involves the use of male or female condoms to be able to avoid contagion.

He said that according to figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO ) figures , there are currently 33.4 million of affected by HIV and this year alone , people infected by the virus can amount to 2.7 million. It is thought that 2 million people infected have died .
Therefore prevention and awareness are key to prevent further infections and deaths , so it is the responsibility of each person to use barrier methods.

He said that the evidence against AIDS has made ​​free CAPASITS in Victoria .

Calls IMSS Tamaulipas 9 billion pesos for 2014

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - A budget of 9 billion pesos at least 500 seats and asked the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS ) , Tamaulipas delegation 2014.

José Manuel Montelongo Assad , said Institute delegate considered that the budget exercise next year could be similar to the 2013 which was the order of 9 billion pesos.

"We are negotiating , no final number yet , we are requesting that more than 9 billion pesos is handled, something similar to what you drove in 2013, are still in consolidation phase ," he said .

He said that most of this budget will earmark for hospital infrastructure. "Basically the budget for renovations , though as we anticipated and additional projects , and will be during 2014 ."

Regarding the 500 seats that will also request said , I would go to these clinics are located in the municipalities of Reynosa Madero and that is where it has the largest number of claimants .

" We definitely need places because the population is rising , the beneficiaries every day more and more are asking to come over budgetary frameworks for open spaces ," Assad said Montelongo .

He said these 500 places that mainly require specialists and nephrologists , anesthesiologists , urologists and cardiologists are in the process , others are coming more slowly .

Mayors hassle for payment of bonuses

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Tamaulipas municipal Presidents give their word and guarantee workers left with no evil in the payment of bonuses , the economic outlay is under guard since negotiations began .

" The bonus is sacred and in a timely manner will be served along with the payment of salaries to more than 2 1600 Tampico municipal workers ," said Gustavo Torres Harbour Mayor Salinas.

He explained that it has everything to safeguard for no setbacks and no problem , carefully close the year , there is no problem .

For his part, Mayor Alejandro Llano Etienne argues that if the capital's city hall is two thousand 200 employees of the City who will receive their year -end bonuses in strict accordance with what the law stipulates :

" The previous administration left sufficient action to avoid problems of this kind so this fortnight Treasury municipality initiated payments to senior managers , base and confidence as well as the rest of the workers."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Children at holidays after the separation of parents

holidays is one of the seasons most intense and emotional for children. In households that have experienced a recent separation , we must be careful so that these feelings do not become negative .

All kids love holidays, yet when the family lived apart , holidays becomes a time of year rather delicate . For parents are pretty tough few dates .

Children and Divorce holidays

Depending on the age of the child, the period of divorce can affect in different ways. All these symptoms are accentuated in holiday periods :

    Children up to 3 years tend to be more irritable, and in some cases overcome behaviors such as repeated wetting himself .
    Children 3-5 years many have anxiety, do not want to go to school or even prefer sleepovers .
    Children from 5 years : they may believe they have to choose between their parents , or because of the situation.
    Older children: not uncommon for parents reproach the situation.

At a time like holidays that children have always lived together as one family , parents must organize and bargain peacefully periods for all this does not get worse .

Parents Children and holidays

In this first year of separation , the child needs holidays and holiday more than ever. Parents should strive to follow at this time with the child celebrating holidays : decorating , go to holidays markets , continue family dinners.

Parents should avoid being low morale , and not to do " gift war " between parents , to prevent parent relationship with the child becoming more materialistic .

If parents have joint custody, according to law, holidays is divided into two periods , alternating from one year to another :

    holidays Eve and holidays .
    New Year and kings .