levie club: Calls IMSS Tamaulipas 9 billion pesos for 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Calls IMSS Tamaulipas 9 billion pesos for 2014

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - A budget of 9 billion pesos at least 500 seats and asked the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS ) , Tamaulipas delegation 2014.

José Manuel Montelongo Assad , said Institute delegate considered that the budget exercise next year could be similar to the 2013 which was the order of 9 billion pesos.

"We are negotiating , no final number yet , we are requesting that more than 9 billion pesos is handled, something similar to what you drove in 2013, are still in consolidation phase ," he said .

He said that most of this budget will earmark for hospital infrastructure. "Basically the budget for renovations , though as we anticipated and additional projects , and will be during 2014 ."

Regarding the 500 seats that will also request said , I would go to these clinics are located in the municipalities of Reynosa Madero and that is where it has the largest number of claimants .

" We definitely need places because the population is rising , the beneficiaries every day more and more are asking to come over budgetary frameworks for open spaces ," Assad said Montelongo .

He said these 500 places that mainly require specialists and nephrologists , anesthesiologists , urologists and cardiologists are in the process , others are coming more slowly .

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